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Genetics Australia Latest

A bull for every breeding goal in April ABV release

The April ABV release has shown the continued strength of Australian-bred bulls, both daughter proven and genomically proven, with many Genetics Australia bulls leading in health, breeding and production traits.

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End of an Era

The last collection processed at Parwan Park today of Holstein bull TIRANO P (pictured with Phil Bath) marked a significant milestone in the history of the Cooperative, just short of 60 years after the first collection was conducted on the 12th July 1961.

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Vale - Peter Stewart

All at Genetics Australia mourn the passing of one of the herd improvement industries greatest advocates, former VAB/GA Director and Chairman Peter Stewart of Stratford.

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Genetics Australia expands

Genetics Australia has announced the Cooperative is strengthening its position in the herd improvement industry with the acquisition of Total Livestock Genetics (TLG).

Genetics Australia will take over the TLG trading name from January 4, 2021 and GA’s bull management, semen management and semen collection and production services will be transferred to the TLG site in Camperdown, Victoria.

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On the Move in Pakistan

Genetics Australia is pleased to announce the appointment of HRM Dairies as a distributor of our product in Pakistan.

Pakistan has one of the fastest growing dairy industries in the world and it is great to partner with the team from HRM to bring our world class genetics to Pakistan”, states Export Manager Rob Derksen.

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Developing the Next Generation of Sires

For more than 60 years the Horizon progeny test program has identified Australia’s most successful proven sires.


The best young Angus bulls sourced from Australia and the USA are available in the Horizon Angus progeny test program.


Selected on their genomic profile, the Horizon Genomic Program for Holstein, Jersey and the Australian Red Breed offer the best young bulls available.

More than just a "Bull Company"

From heat detection to semen storage, insemination equipment and programs to maximise the genetic potential in herds, Genetics Australia has the industry leading equipment and programs.


Recognised by many top farmers as the best program to unlock the genetic secrets found in herds. Genescreen will help to maximise breeding decisions plus so much more.

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Estrotect Breeding Indicator

Estrotect Breeding Indicator patches have stood the test of time and are unrivalled in their effectiveness identifying heats accurately.

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FIL - Markers

Recognised by farmers around the world FiL has a reputation as the most cost effective tail paint available today.

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