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"Co-operatives are a reminder to the international community that it is possible to pursue both economic viability and social responsibility."
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Be a part of your future

Genetics Australia  came into existence through the co-operation of Australian farmers working together to improve their farming.  The driving reasons for our foundation back in 1958 still exist today – using the best genetics in the world to breed animals and test them here on Australian farms.  This is more important today than ever, with farmers being offered more and more choice in genetics from around the world in animals bred in completely different conditions to Australia.  While in many ways the world has shrunk the need for a strong, sound, profitable animal that works in Australia has not.

We need you to be part of our future

A co-operative exists because of its members and for its members.  You should be a part of this – whether your interest is breeding animals or simply buying farm supplies.  There are significant benefits to being a member with programmes including rebates, reduced prices, discounts and access to collective buying schemes.  Not to mention the sense of belonging that comes from knowing you are working together with others to improve our farming future.

You can have a say in our future

Co-operatives are run by members – that is the co-operative is run by a board composed of members.  If you want a say in how the co-operative is run you can talk to a board member – they’ll be someone just like you – or you can put your name forward to be elected to the board when nominations are announced.  That is what a co-operative is all about. 

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Rules of the Co-operative

You can view the rules here.