Joint Venture

Genetics Australia Holdings Pty Ltd (GAH), trading as Genetics Australia and Total Livestock Genetics, is a joint venture between the Genetics Australia Cooperative (GAC) and URUS Group LP (URUS) that commenced trading on July 1 2023

The joint venture brings together the global research and development, premium products and services from both partners to trade under the Genetics Australia and Total Livestock Genetics brands.

URUS is a global leader in genetics with trading operations and brands across the dairy and beef cattle industry. Two of the companies within URUS who will have a close relationship with Genetics Australia are the GENEX  and PEAK businesses who will provide additional depth and breadth to the portfolio in Australia.

The joint venture will expand our capacity to support, breed, source, import and export genetics that support a high-performing and sustainable Australian dairy and beef industries in addition to taking local genetics to world markets.

Importantly, we will remain focused on our relationships with customers and the broader industry as we pursue innovative product, service, research and development outcomes to support Australian farmers.