Who We Are

Genetics Australia Holdings Pty Ltd brings the best of global genetics products to Australian farmers and takes the best of Australia to the rest of the world.

Formed in 2023 as a joint venture between the Genetics Australia Cooperative and URUS, our new entity offers an expanded product portfolio to Australian farmers while opening new international markets for our local products.

It is a win-win for everyone.

While Australian customers continue to work with the same GA employees and use the same GA and TLG products, in the long-term they will see many new products, services and opportunities coming their way through the connection to URUS, a global leader for artificial insemination, genetics, reproduction, and farm management systems.

Continuing to trade as Genetics Australia, the joint venture (JV) launched on July 1, 2023 is 60 per cent owned by URUS and 40 per cent owned by GA and has access to the full suite of GENEX products and to the PEAK breeding program.

PEAK produces more than 10,000 calves annually and supplies the highest quality genetic material. When combined with the products sourced by GENEX, this creates a market leading proposition for Australian dairy and beef farmers.

The JV sits within URUS’s co-operative subsidiary business GENEX, ensuring the co-operative culture built up over more than 65 years at Genetics Australia remains at the heart of the business.

GAC entered the JV from a position of strength as Australia’s leader in artificial breeding and herd improvement with an eye to the future.

It had become apparent over recent years that the existing GAC business needed to look further afield to ensure its long-term viability and to provide the best opportunities and services for our members.

The GAC Board explored ways it could better provide members and the broader Australian dairy and beef industries access to world leading products, research and services. As a global leader in providing genetic products and services to dairy and beef cattle producers, URUS emerged as the ideal JV partner.

The focus of the new entity is delivering enhanced products and services to GAC’s members and the broader market in Australia.

In essence, under the new joint venture the GA and TLG businesses remain the same, with the added bonus of members and customers being able to access a wide range of products, services and expertise that exist within URUS’s GENEX and PEAK businesses.

With Australian genetics now widely recognised as among the best in the world, the time is right to make sure we’re reaching all the global markets and this new JV will deliver those opportunities.

Welcome to the new era of genetics in Australia!