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Angus are moderate-sized, muscular animals, renowned as a carcase breed. They are used widely in crossbreeding to improve carcase quality and milking ability.


One of the oldest French breeds of cattle, the Charolais, was developed in the Charolles district in central France from native cattle bred with some Shorthorn infusion.

Murray Grey

The Murray Grey breed was developed in the upper Murray River region of Australia in the early part of this century. The first grey cattle resulted from the mating of an Angus bull and a roan Shorthorn cow.

Poll Hereford

The Poll Hereford was first developed in significant numbers by Hereford breeders in the USA. The breeders (from the Mid-West) saw benefits in a hornless breed, so naturally occurring ‘hornless’ Herefords were selected and bred.

Red Angus

The Red Angus is similar in conformation to the Aberdeen Angus, medium in size with a beefy carcase.


The breed originated in the Simme Valley of Switzerland during the 18th century, and the first Herd Book was established in 1806.

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