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Genetics Australia Horizon Genomic Program 

2019 HGP availability

Genetics Australia conducts one of the world’s oldest, largest and most successful Horizon Genomic program. 100% owned and operated by Australian dairy farmers, we’re dedicated to breeding highly productive, healthy and long-lasting cows that maximise the profitability of pasture-based herds.

Over the past 57 years, our Horizon Genomic Program has produced some of the best sires available in Australia, including the likes of ASTOUND, VALERIAN, RACEWAY, ARBBONJOVI, INFORMER, JUDGE, SHOTIME, WINLUKE and MEDALLION.

You can be part of the excitement of breeding the next generation of world-class Australian-proven dairy sires by becoming a Genetics Australia shareholder.

For a one-off investment of just $100 (50 shares), you’ll not only receive attractive rebates on all your semen purchases from Genetics Australia but accelerate genetic improvement in your herd.

Horizon Genomic Program Order Form can be found here.

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