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AI straws - IMV 017014 0.25ml (1/4cc)Top Bull Straw Pastel Blue 2000 pack

AI straws - IMV 017014 0.25ml (1/4cc)Top Bull Straw Pastel Blue 2000 pack

Top Bull Straw Pastel Blue A.I. straws - 0.25ml 2000 pack

 Buy your AI straws here!  Best quality, range and availability. 

AI straws are the plastic straws that are filled with semen for insemination.  This semen can either be fresh or frozen in liquid nitrogen (cryogenic storage).  The AI straws listed here are bovine straws, but are also used for other animals such as dogs, cats and horses.  Some other species have specialised AI straws (for instance we also stock AI straws for rabbits and straws for human IVF use).  

There are two main sizes of straws used in bovine AI - 0.5ml and 0.25ml.  The 0.25ml are commonly called mini straws.  Straws come with a plug in one end.  This is a special plug that allows air to escape as the straw is filled and seals when the liquid reaches the plug.  Top Bull straws are a higher quality straw, and one of the reasons for this is the sealing is accomplished with 50% less liquid (therefore there are more viable semen in the straw).  AI straws are sealed ultrasonically or with sealing powder.  The plug acts as a piston to push the contents out when the straw is used.  Top Bull straws have a better plug and higher quality internal surface than standard straws and therefore expel the straw contents more efficiently. 

Fresh semen straws are not suitable for freezing and come in 0.25ml only.  They come in one straw colour (translucent grey) with a range of different coloured plugs.

Straws are available in a range of colours and in both translucent and solid colours. We have around 100 bovine straw options on this site.

Colours do not always reproduce well on computer screens - the colours are different even if a green and pistachio look similar on the screen. 

Different colours are used to easily and quickly identify straws without the danger of thawing that comes from taking them out of the liquid nitrogen. Some customers make different colours breed specific, so the likelihood of inseminating with the wrong straw is reduced even if gets stored in the wrong location. 

Straws are suitable for printing.

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