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Alpha Sheath AI unsplit AI sheath

Alpha AI Sheath with lateral dispersement

Alpha AI Sheath Unsplit

Alpha - the new IMV sheath - faster to use, easier on the animal and designed to give better insemination performance.

With an injection moulded and polished rounded tip this sheath is much easier to insert and is less likely to carry foreign material into the cervix.  The crystalline plastic sheath is designed for low resistance on insertion, better for both the animal and the inseminator.

The two lateral holes give an extremely even spread of semen regardless of sheath positioning (especially important when the tip of the sheath is in cervical folds).

The tapered internal surface of the tip ensures precise sealing with both 0.25ml (Mini) and 0.50ml (Maxi) straws.  This ensures maximum semen dispersal without backflow problems.

Alpha will provide an easier, improved, as well as faster and safer insemination process.

These unsplit sheaths are designed for the IMV Kombicolour guns, Flexia and also fit the IMV spiral guns ( D507 ).  They do not fit all unsplit sheath guns and cannot be used with locking rings.

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