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AI straw storage goblet - round - 13mm IMV Visotube - White

AI straw storage goblet - round - 13mm IMV Visotube - White

13mm round goblet - IMV Visotube

13mm round goblets hold 25 x 0.25ml AI straws or 10 x 0.5ml AI straws.

Please note that colours do not always reproduce that well on computer screens. The IMV colours are strong and vibrant and distinctly different – for instance on screen red/orange/rose look similar, whereas physically they are very different.

Easy visual identification of AI straws is critical – they cannot be taken out of the liquid nitrogen tank for more than a few seconds without risk of damage. IMV offer one of the best visual identification systems available, allowing fast identification of storage area, storage location and individual straw by means of distinct vibrant colours. Suitable for both semen storage and ET storage (embryo storage).

IMV goblets come in many sizes and colours allowing users to custom build their inventory control regardless of tank size.

AI and ET straws are stored in liquid nitrogen. The method of holding them in the liquid nitrogen is to suspend them in a canister which has a handle hooked on the side of the top of the liquid nitrogen tank so it can be retrieved.

Inside the canister is a goblet. Bulk AI or ET straws can be held in this goblet, but normally it holds a number of smaller goblets which in turn hold the individual straws.

To retrieve stock, the canister is lifted up until you can see the goblets. The required straws can be chosen without lifting the canister above the top of the tank. While still inside the tank (in what is known as the vapour layer) the straw will remain frozen. The clear colour coding means location identification is easy while the canister is still in the vapour layer.

Sold as each, picture is of 300 pack. Contact us for pricing on packets of 300

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