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Aesculap A5 GT310 Blade #40 (0.25mm cut) Oster A5 Wahl A5 Laube A5

Aesculap A5 GT310 Blade #40 (0.25mm cut) - **ONE LEFT IN STOCK**

Aesculap Fav 5 Clipper blades - #40 (0.25mm cut)

Fine blades with a fine cut!  Our cattle fitters requested a finer cut than the 0.4mm we have in Heiniger, so we sourced these 0.25mm cut surgical blades from the German surgical product supplier Aesculap. 

These blades are incredibly good quality, with manufacturing tolerances not normally found outside medical products.  These blades also feature a much larger surface area where the blades meet, meaning they wear more slowly and can be sharpened more times than other blades (quite simply, there is more 'meat' on the blade).

You can see in the pictures the difference between Aesculap and a generic A5 blade.

Note that the number on the blade does not indicate the cut and is not standard across the industry.  For instance a Heiniger #50 blade cuts 0.4mm and an Aesculap #50 blade cuts 0.2mm.

These blade sets simply clip on and off at the touch of a button under the clipper. These are standard A5 blades so they will fit other clippers that take A5 blades.

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