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Calf Feeder - Speedy Feeder

Calf Feeder bottle with teat Speedy Feeder

 2.5 litre bottle calf feeder. These calf feeders are easy to use, as they have a large lid so you can easily pour milk into them from a bucket – and you can access the inside of the bottle for cleaning. The lid always screws on with the teat opposite the handle so you can empty the entire contents. The handle is designed so you can hold it from in front of or behind the calf. The difference between the Speedy feeder calf feeder and the Easy feeder calf feeders is the Speedy has an adjustable air intake valve next to the handle so you can control the flow of milk out of the bottle – fast or slow. You can move the air valve with your thumb as you feed the calf.

Spare calf feeding teats are available on this site.  We have teats available to suit a range of calf feeders.

$25.30inc GST
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