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CIDR Sheep and Goat Synchronisation Implant

CIDR Sheep/Goat Oestrus Synchronisation Inplant - Packet of 20

CIDR Sheep and Goat  

Progesterone is given to sheep or goats as an implant. One form available in Australia is the CIDR sheep/goat insert, which achieves synchrony by lengthening the oestrus cycle while it remains implanted. It releases progesterone, which is the same as the natural hormone produced by the corpeus luteum on the ovary between Day 7–17 of the normal cycle.

The CIDR (pronounced 'cedar') sheep/goat insert is a Controlled Internal Drug Release device, which when inserted into the vagina of the ewe or nanny, delivers progesterone at a controlled rate into the animal's bloodstream.

An applicator is needed to use the CIDR and is purchased separately.

The CIDR sheep/goat insert consists of a plastic core coated with silicon that contains progesterone. The progesterone is absorbed through the vaginal wall and the implant acts as a substitute corpeus luteum. Other hormones may be administered at the time of insertion or on its removal to increase conception rate and oestrus response.

When the implant is removed the progesterone level in the bloodstream drops quickly. This results in another egg developing and normal signs of oestrus behaviour are shown.

The progesterone implants have the advantage over prostaglandins in that they will not cause abortions if they are used on pregnant animals (in fact they may have the opposite effect and may be able to help sustain some early pregnancies) and are also still effective if used on sheep or goats that have just been in season. Progesterone treatment can be used to stimulate the hormonal system of sheep or goats that are not cycling (anoestrus).

The benefits of using the CIDR sheep/goat insert include:

AI programs can be completed in only a few days

better use of labour resources by spending less time on heat detection

more accurate oestrus detection

fewer non-pregnant animals at the end of the breeding period

improved rates of genetic gain through better use of AI and ET

enhanced fertility in embryo transfer recipient

concentrated breeding, therefore concentrated calving

predetermined calving for special needs

manipulation of breeding to suit seasonal feed supply

reduced parturition to conception period.

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