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Seals Seal Flex Bib Overtrousers Blue 4XL

Seal Flex Bib Overtrousers 4XL with non-split crotch
'No Sweat when it's wet'

Seals clothing is the best you can get for use on on the farm and any outdoor activity!  It is waterproof, it breathes so you don't sweat in it, it is strong so it doesn't tear, it has 'give' so it doesn't rip when you catch it on a fence and it has a great design with a host of features.  The material is light, so unlike some rain wear you don't feel like you are carrying a sack on your back.  We're a farmer owned co-operative and we like to bring our members the best products - and Seal Flex is the best. 

Seal Flex Bib Over-trousers are available in sizes from Small to 5XL.  Many people prefer bib overtrousers to standard overtrousers as they are more comfortable (hanging from your shoulders rather than waist), cover the middle of the torso better (no gap between jacket and pants) and are more comfortable to sit down in.  These bib overtrousers have elastic shoulder straps with high quality quick release straps, so are quick and easy to get on and off.  They also feature a internal chest pocket.  For sizing refer to the chart at the bottom of the page.

We also have standard overtrousers on this site.

The most important feature of the Sealflex overtrousers is they don't split at the crotch - you can put a man on each leg and pull and they won't split (try that with your current pants!).  So even after swinging your leg over the bike and fences for months you'll still be protected from that cold trickle into the crotch when you take the four wheeler out in the rain. 

Why Seal Flex? 

It is breathable material - you don't sweat working in it
It is wind proof
And most importantly it is waterproof (not water resistant, waterproof)

The material it is made of is a unique high tech polyurethane (PU) fabric with a breathable factor.
Seal Flex fabric consists of a PU membrane fused with a hollow polyamide lining.
The PU membrane is 100% waterproof; the polyamide lining wicks the moisture away from the body, allowing vapour to disperse.  This material is high quality, flexible and light. 

Quality Seal Flex Materials

SealFlex garments are constructed from the finest grade European fabric.
The fabric is approximately half the weight of traditional rainwear fabrics and is able to stretch up to 150% and reform to its original shape without damage.

Quality SealFlex Craftsmanship

SealFlex garments have a shell style 100% waterproof cover with high frequency welded waterproof seams. The garments are resistant to puncture and will not tear. SealFlex garments are suitable for most agricultural applications and are hand washable.



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