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clear plastic cryosleeve,

IVF Cryosleeve - Clear Security Sleeve for Ampoule Canes

IVF Cryosleeve - Security Sleeve for Ampoule Canes ( Cryo Sleeve )

These sleeves suit both sizes of ampoule cane and stop the ampoules or goblets from being displaced.  They are used for high security storage such as IVF, and often used in vapour phase cooling prior to immersion in liquid nitrogen for cryogenic storage.

Transparent sleeves allow easy identification of coloured goblets and free storage locations.

( Sleeves do not become brittle when frozen. )

Pictures show cryosleeves alone, canes fitted with sleeves, goblets and marker tabs (all available separately on this site) and a detail picture of the marker tab fitted to a ampoule cane. 

Note: The sleeves are open both ends, but the marker end of the ampoule cane is larger than the tube so it will not drop through. 

Sold as each but a pack is 50

275mm long and approx 15mm diameter.

$2.75inc GST
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