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AI Split Sheaths IMV Packet of 50 Universal Sheaths (Green Wad)

IMV quality universal split 18-inch bovine insemination sheaths 50 pack

Universal 18” bovine AI sheaths, packet of 50. Split end, suitable for 0.25ml and 0.50ml straws.  These sheaths are supplied from IMV, one of the largest AI product companies in the world (they also supply a lot of IVF equipment).  Use these with the standard 0.25ml and 0.50ml guns ( D101, D201 ) and the Flexia Gun. Our technicians prefer them, saying they are easier and more reliable to use than other brands, the sheath is seated more easily on both the 0.25 and 0.50ml straws than other generic brands.

The picture shows split sheaths - the split sheaths have a green wad and the unsplit sheaths have a blue wad. 

Don't risk AI failure - use quality sheaths!



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SKU: D302P
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