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Ezi shot, Slap shot

Easy Shot extension tube - Luer lock remote injection tube

Also known as Slap Shot extension tube for vaccinators

This is a very handy tube - it means you can inject at a site remotely from the vaccinator gun.  Very useful for unruly animals, difficult injection sites, subcutaneous injections and working in races or crushes where space is limited.  Hold the vaccinator in one hand ( Or have someone else hold it ) and put the injection in with the other hand.

Unlike some of the other tube extenders on the market this has a good hand grip at the needle end for ease of use. 

Using this you are much less likely to break a needle if the animal jumps around.

Luer Male and Female ends - simply connect your needle at the end of the extension tube and fit the other end to the vaccinator.  Bleed prior to use.  Approx length 75cm.

$15.40inc GST
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