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FiL Tell Tail blue 500ml aerosol tail paint
Tail paint aerosol MAC tail paint FiL animal marker

FiL Tell Tail Blue Aerosol tail paint - CONTACT OFFICE

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FiL Tell Tail Fluoro paint 500ml aerosol Blue
Note: Dangerous Goods Surcharge of $65.00 applies - Please call for freight quotes on this item.

 Six highly visible fluorescent colours, 500ml cans. These are great as tail paint or as a general stock marker. Oil based paint is very weather resistant and the marks will last up to 30 days. Quick and easy to apply – these aerosols can be used horizontally as well as vertically and they empty completely. One aerosol will produce 50 marks of 10ml paint.  

FiL Tell Tail Aerosols can be used as part of the FiL Mating Management System – either alone or as a top up on existing tail paint marks (for instance marks applied by the FiL Tail Painter). 
FiL – FiL are a major supplier to Genetics Australia and we are proud to distribute and support their products in Australia. One of New Zealand’s largest animal health manufacturers, FiL operate from a base in the Bay of Plenty on the north island. FiL prides itself on continuous research and development, a clean and award winning environmentally friendly manufacturing facility and a wide range of quality products. FiL also puts back into the industry, supporting the Agriculture Industry Training Organisation. 
Use of tail paints – the FiL system
Ensure animals are clean and dry before painting.  Remove any loose hair.  Apply a strip of paint 15cm long by 5cm wide forward along the spine from the tail head. Brush the hair mixed with paint forward, so it stands up as the paint dries. This makes it easier to identify cows that have been mounted, as the hair will be pushed back down as well as showing other signs of mounting as a result of oestrus (dirty paint, paint rubbed off, dirty flanks etc). Tell Tail correctly applied will last approximately 30 days on cows that have not cycled, depending on conditions.
To use Tell Tail to its full potential, follow the FiL Mating Management System:
Paint all cows with RED paint three weeks after calving. If rubbed, this indicates when the cow has started to cycle again. If the cow has not come into heat after calving you can take remedial action.
Paint all cows with GREEN paint immediately prior to commencing your AI programme. Rubbed paint identifies the cows coming into heat on a daily basis.
Paint each cow with BLUE paint as soon as she has been AI'd. This will tell you if she has held to the service.
Paint all cows with YELLOW when pregnancy is confirmed.
·         Cows with RED paint have not cycled after calving
·         Cows with GREEN paint are waiting to be AI'd
·         Cows with BLUE paint are holding to AI service
·         Cows with YELLOW paint are confirmed pregnant
Note this is the FiL mating management system and there may be local laws governing use of colours on animal marking which you may have to comply with. 
Note: Dangerous Goods Surcharge of $65.00 applies – Please call for freight quotes on this item

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