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Milking glove vinyl, Glove vinyl

Vinyl Milking Gloves - Extra Large

Vinyl milking gloves are commonly used in Europe as an alternative to latex and nitrile gloves.  Vinyl does not have the allergy issues associated with latex and are inexpensive compared to nitrile (they are not as strong as nitrile and do not conform to the hand in the same way, but are less than half the price).  These gloves are powder free, which many users prefer as they leave your hands clean.  These gloves are clear in colour.  We also have latex gloves, standard length nitrile and long nitrile gloves in stock. Sold in boxes containing 100 gloves. 

Milking gloves are now well accepted as an essential item for herd health. They can reduce the incidence of cross infection generally and can be changed after treating suspect animals. Gloves also reduce cracked and chapped hands.

$5.50inc GST
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