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Orvus cattle shampoo

Orvus Cattle Shampoo 3.4Kg **TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK**

Cattle Shampoo Orvus 3.4 Kg

Talk to anyone showing cattle and horses and they'll tell you the product to use is Orvus.  Imported by us from the USA, this product brings out the best in your animal and you'll see it in show stalls across the whole world. 

Ovrus is a very popular cattle washing shampoo paste.  Not only does it brighten colours it cleans out old grooming products and makes the animal coat look bright, clean and light.  

It's also very economical – a small cup of paste mixed in hot or cold water produces an effective lather. 

This is a professional product for cattle grooming you'll be happy you purchased.  See how good the animals look in the bull brochures?  That's the result of Orvus.

Note: Does not contain phosphates, only biodegradable surfactants

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