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Pregnancy tester - HK Rheintechnik ultrasound pregnancy scanner best price
cheapest HK Rheintechnik Ultrasound best price Rheintechnik
HK Rheintechnik Ultrasound pregnancy tester in box best price preg tester

Pregnancy Scanner - Sheep/Goats - HK Rheintechnik Ultrasound Scanner

Pregnacy Testing - HK Rheintechnik Pregnancy Tester and HK Pregnancy Diagnosis Ultrasound scanner.

HK Pregnancy Tester/Pregnancy Diagnosis Ultrasound scanner for sheep and goats. The HK pregnancy testers and diagnosis units provide rapid, simple and reliable results.  These German products have been used in the industry for many years and are both reliable and accurate. Suitable for sheep, goats, alpacas and pigs. 

* The unit is very easy to use with minimal training required, as well as being very accurate from the 45th day of pregnancy. 
* The unit has an automatic power cut function that saves energy when the device is not in use
* The HK Pregnancy Diagnosis Unit has a 90 percent accuracy rate
* The test takes only 30 seconds
* The test does not require any internal examination which can be unpleasant for the animal
* If an early test is unclear it is quick and easy to simply repeat it at a later date

The unit can be attached to a belt or overall allowing hands free to perform the procedure.

To use, you simply switch the unit on, coat the probe with gel (vegetable oil/ob lube/petroleum jelly/ultrasound gel - just to give a good contact) and hold the unit against the animal just below the fold of skin at the top of the udder (see picture). The ultrasound measures amniotic fluid - and gives a clear audible tone when the animal is pregnant. Training is easy - run the unit on a known empty animal and a known pregnant one.

The HK Rheintechnik units come complete with a sturdy carry case (European model pictured, Aus model is powered by a 9v Battery and as such does not come with charger)

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