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IMV AI straw sealing and plugging identification rod 48mm Orange

IMV Sealing and plugging identification rod ( IMV 006327 )

These rods are used to seal and plug the end of the AI straws and at the same time give a clear per straw identification.  Available in eight vibrant colours. 

Using these rods, individual straws can be quickly identified without having to take them out of the storage goblet.  This aids correct identification and speeds stock counting, as well as meaning straws can be checked without taking them out of the liquid nitrogen. 

These fit in the end of a 0.25ml straw and act as a seal/plug instead of using sealing powder.  They are often used in high value straws such as used in IVF and ET.

The rods are 48mm overall length. 

Only sold in packs of 100

'Each' is one pack of 100 rods.

$82.50inc GST
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