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Draminski Mastitis Tester MD4Q - four quarter tester
Draminski Mastitis Tester MD4Q - four quarter tester, with case

Mastitis Detector - Draminski MD4Q

Draminski MD4Q - 4 Quarter Mastitis Detector

The Draminski four quarter mastitis detector is fast, easy to use and can give an early warning of mastitis in bovine animals.  

The MD4Q measures the conductivity of the milk for each of the four quarters and shows the reading of each of the four quarters together on the LCD screen for easy comparison.  

The mastitis tester is robustly made with an impact resistant casing and is waterproof.  It is built to be easy to use and stand up to rigourous use in the shed.

To use, you simply zero the display and squirt some milk into the measuring cup from each of the four teats, tipping out each sample after it is measured.  When each teat has been sampled the conductivity of each of the four samples is displayed together on the LCD screen.

There is a close relationship between changes in conductivity and sub clinical mastitis.  The actual number is not as critical as the difference between numbers - if there is a difference of more than 50 in the number between one quarter and the others then that quarter will need to be checked for mastitis.  

Cows with clinical mastitis that have a high cell count will often not show up in a conductivity test as the conductivity changes at the sub clinical state and tends to return to normal as the animal either recovers or develops into clinical symptoms.  Conductivity testers are useful as they can alert you to problems prior to clinical mastitis developing.  

Full instructions come with the machine and it comes in a handy protective carry case.  

Takes 1 x 9v battery (supplied)

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