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Hay moisture meter Hay temperature meter draminski moisture meter
hay temperature meter hay moisture meter draminski

Hay Moisture meter - Draminski

Draminski Hay moisture and temperature meter

Is the hay dry enough to bale?  How much water is in the hay I am buying?  Are my bales getting hot?  The Draminski moisture meter answers your fodder conservation questions!  Easy and fast to use, it is an invaluable farming tool.  

The Draminski hay moisture meter displays moisture % and temperature in the hand held readout measured at the end of the remote corded 60cm stainless steel probe.  Simply drive the probe into the bale and you get instant results.  The Draminski has a 50 reading memory and averaging function, so you simply take sample readings across the sample and then read the average.  That way if you stick the probe into a wet lump in the bale in one reading it doesn't mislead you.

The probe has an excellent handgrip so you can ram it into tight bales, and being separate from the hand held readout there is no danger of damaging the electronics if you have to use force to push it into the bale.

Reads from 10% to 80% moisture (so suitable for silage as well as hay) and temperature reads from 1 to 100 centigrade and is accurate to  + or - 1%

For paddock use prior to baling you need some compression around the probe, so simply park your ute on the swath and take a reading of the compressed swath under the wheel.

Draminski make solid tools for farm use and with care this unit will last many seasons.  Comes will full instructions and takes one 9v battery (supplied).

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