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Needle Genia Hypovet 16 x 1" box of 12
Tri-bevelled needle detail picture

Needle Genia Hypovet tri-bevelled re-useable stainless steel needles 16g x 1"

Veterinary needles – top quality

These are European veterinary stainless luer lock re-useable needles with triple bevelled points. The quality is far higher than the standard needles and well worth the extra initial cost – as not only do they last longer, they stay much sharper for longer which reduces the time and effort of injecting. Once you use these you won’t go back to standard needles. As well as being triple bevelled, the hubs are nearly 30% bigger than standard hubs (they still fit standard luer lock) to give more support to the needle for reduced breakage.

Have a look at the picture of a Hypovet 16g x ½” needle compared to a standard 16g x ½” needle.

You will find these needles cheaper in the long run – reducing injecting time, down time and frustration.

We are only able to offer these at this attractive pricing due to the reduction in the value of the European currency in recent times. A year ago these needles would have been around $10.00 per box

Come in boxes of 12 needles. Each = 1 x box of 12 needles.

Each box comes complete with a needle cleaning rod of the correct diameter for the needle bore.

$6.60inc GST
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