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Standard Nitrile Milking Glove - Extra Large

Milking gloves

Nitrile milking gloves are generally recognised as the best quality milking gloves.  They are resistant to more chemicals (nitrile gloves are also sold as chemical handling gloves in many industries), people do not suffer allergies to nitrile (latex can cause skin irritation) and they are most comfortable to wear.  Nitrile is very tear and  puncture resistant.  These gloves come in boxes of 100.

If you are wearing gloves for long periods of time you will find the nitrile gloves are the most comfortable. 

These gloves are standard length - approx. 240mm - and around 4 mil thick. 

We also have long cuff nitrile gloves available, in both 4 mil and 8 mil thickness

Milking gloves are now well accepted as an essential item for herd health. They can reduce the incidence of cross infection generally and can be changed after treating suspect animals. Gloves also reduce cracked and chapped hands.

$12.10inc GST
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