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Uddercheck - Portacheck Uddercheck

Uddercheck by Portacheck - 50 Test Pack- BACK IN STOCK


Uddercheck from Portacheck gives a fast and easy early warning on udder infections.

Uddercheck tests for LDH (Lactate Dehydrogenase) and gives a result in two minutes.  This test is ideal for fresh cows, problem cows, suspect cows and monitoring treated cows.  

LDH is an enzyme present in milk when cells are damaged due to an udder infection.  LDH and SCC (somatic cell count) are positively correlated, but LDH is less sensitive to factors that can easily affect SCC.  LDH monitoring provides an early indication of sub-clinical mastitis and is now used in robotic milkers.  

There is a direct correlation between the level of infection and the level of LDH in the milk.  LDH often increases as the infection occurs and prior to the SCC rising, making the LDH test an excellent test for early detection of problems and the ability to treat prior to severe infection occurring.  

To use, forestrip then either milk a sample directly on to the strip or use a composite sample from all four quarters.  Ensure the test pad of the test strip is covered in milk and shake off the excess.  Wait two minutes and compare the test strip to the colour chart on the test strip vial.

50 test pack 

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