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2019 April ABV Media Release

The April 2019 ABV release saw an excellent result for the Genetics Australia Cooperative. Our strong portfolio of Domestic & International Sires includes exciting premium daughters proven sires, super new genomic sires from renowned Australian cow families plus the best sires from around the globe, all with the best interest of our Australian dairy farmers in mind.

Australia’s Farmer favourite MAEBULL (Palermo X Shottle) continues his outstanding form increasing reliability with additional milking daughters to his proof. With a solid BPI of +334, this A22 bull continues to keep Australian Dairy farmers happy with a well-rounded proof including +110 daughter fertility and high component production traits.

Another Aussie star finding his way to the top handful of Sires is SUPERDAVE (Superhero X Doorman). This exciting genomic sire continues his strong form from 2018 and is sitting pretty at the top of the BPI table with a figure of +374 BPI. “SUPERDAVE’s outstanding ASI of +238 demonstrates what the young A22 bull is capable of, and we’re keen to see his first calves arrive in 2019” says CEO Anthony Shelly.

GGISEMINO (Silver X Balisto) is a sire we are absolutely thrilled to continue to offer to the Australian market. Hailing from the GGI stable in Germany, GGISEMINO’s Australian proof is one to admire; +335 BPI; +375L Milk; +106 Overall Type; +109 Mammary; +110 Daughter Fertility; plus he’s A22,” continues Shelly, “GGISEMINO is the absolute package and a sire not to be missed when selecting your bull team this season.”

JSMONTANA (Montross X Uno) and JSPOWERBALL (Earnhardt X Robust) have again proven to be top choices for the Genetics Australia team when selecting this years bull team. The pair from the Jetstream Genetics portfolio offers strong proofs in both Australian & USA markets, making them a great choice for breeders following either index. Both are A22 sires with superb BPI’s, quality production and excellent physical evaluation traits. Australian dairy farmers have been very pleased with the JSPOWERBALL & JSMONTANA daughters they’re currently milking

The April ABV run also sees the emergence of several new genomic superstars thanks to our ongoing relationship with many of Australia’s top Holstein breeding herds. Genetics Australia have a solid group of Australian bred young sires that are the equal of the best genetics we can source anywhere in the world. New genomic sires, ENDGAME, PEMBERTON, WALPOLE, ANAKIN and PILBARA make their debut on top of the BPI list. ENDGAME (Superhero X Monterey) pairs his BPI of +382 with his +107/+106 Overall Type/Mammary with great components and will be available for Spring breeding. PEMBERTON is an A22 sire with a well-balanced proof including a BPI of +372, +177L Milk, +106/+108 Type/Mammary and +109 for Fertility. PEMBERTON will be available in June for your breeding program.

Genetics Australia has also bolstered their Jersey team and now have 9 of the top 10 BPI genomic Jersey Sires in Australia making Genetics Australia the reliable source for Jersey genetics. DOUGGAN and DOBSON are two Elite David sons from the White Star herd in Noorat that have stood strong in their April proofs. Now with a BPI of +280 and +252 respectively, DOUGGAN and DOBSON demonstrate some super components both with over +270 L Milk and Fat/Protein to match. DOUGGAN will be available in Sexed Semen in 2019

After his first crop of daughters calving in 2018, ASKN daughters has been turning heads with their supreme type and production. ASKN now displays a +111 for Overall Type and +112 Mammary, a type proof on par with his sire VALENTINO. ASKN will be available in Sexed Semen in 2019

The 2019 Dairy Sire Catalogue has a host of top sires available, with a special focus on A22 sires displaying tremendous type, production and fertility scores. “There is a bull for everyone in this very strong line-up and we are pleased to be able to keep our commitment to the Australian industry of providing the best genetics selected for Australian farming conditions” says Shelly.

Be sure to get your hands on their latest catalogue and scan through the streams on quality product that Genetics Australia has available.