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Anticipated Change to the ABV of TAHBILK – Beulah Tahbilk

We have been advised by DataGene that the genotype that forms part of TAHBILK’s breeding value is incorrect. DNA analysis of some of TAHBILK’s progeny has been cross referenced to the genotype on file and it was determined that the genotype was from a closely related bull. A subsequent DNA sample was provided from TAHBILK and the DNA of the progeny now match that sample. It is impossible to determine where in the process the error in the allocation of the genotype to the bull occurred. Both Datagene and Genetics Australia have spent a great deal of time in investigating the error and have concluded that there is no further conclusion other than this wrong allocation.

Based on the current number of milking daughters the result will mean that the ABV of TAHBILK will be different in some respects when it is released in August. A comparison of the April ABV for TAHBILK and his most recent provisional breeding value indicates the following:
• Production – very little change,
• Type – some small change for individual traits but little change for Overall Type and Mammary,
• Workability – very little change,
• Survival – decrease in Overall Survival and Residual Survival,
• Cell Count – small decrease,
• Fertility – small decrease.

These changes will mean that there will be a change in the bull’s BPI. We expect more daughters will be included in his August and ABVs can change based on daughter numbers and records in progress but the main change for TAHBILK in August will be based on the change in his genotype.

TAHBILK is still a key member of our bull team. His daughter performance is still strong and reports from those milking his 127 daughters, and his likeability rating indicate that they are solid contributors to their herds.
A review of the process in genotype collection and allocation from farm to lab is being completed by Genetics Australia and DataGene to ensure an error like this will be near impossible in the future.

For further information please contact:
Peter Thurn
Breeding, Production & Genetics Manager
0417 575 986