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April 2020 - ABV Sire Summary

Solutions - Not Just Semen

“Our aim is to provide producers with Solutions, not just semen” claims Genetics Australia’s CEO, Anthony Shelly. “We have just released our latest bull team and every bull provides a solution for the issues that dairy farmers face every day. Whether it’s polled, A2, profit, health or type, there are bulls that deliver these solutions in the Genetics Australia line-up”, states Mr Shelly.

Our Holstein team is led by some super new high Profit sires. KARAT (Complete x Slam Dunk) and SONDALO (Jeronimo x Main Event) are both 400 BPI plus sires who deliver solid production, high fertility and excellent udders. Both bulls rate well for the new breeding value Gestation Length. These homegrown sires are joined by 07HO13696 – Lord (Scenario x Yoder) at 411 BPI and new addition 14HO14894 – Big Deal (Nigel x Frazzled) at 399 BPI. These sires offer a high profit solution with solid protein, breed leading fertility and calving ease.

KARDEW (Complete x Slam Dunk) is the A22 leader. KARDEW is the full brother to KARAT and transmits the same quality udders as his brother. KARDEW joins the popular PEMBERTON (Perseus x Jacey) and SUPERDAVE (Superhero x Doorman) who have both consolidated the breeding values this run. Both bulls are available in conventional and sexed semen.

“Our Polled offering has never been stronger”, states Mr Shelly. “It has been a real focus for us, and our breeders are delivering us world class polled bulls”. RYOBI (Powertool x Jett) is an A22 polled sire with exceptional protein and great udders. TIRANO (Jeronimo x Main Event) is the polled brother to SONDALO. Like his brother, TIRANO is a solid profit transmitter with great daughter fertility. DOMINATION (Jeronimo x Monterey) is an outstanding A2 high type polled option. With 109 Overall Type, 111 Mammary and transmitting longer teats, DOMINATION should find a place in many polled breeding programs.

CFP (Drastic x Splendid) is the standout PP bull available in Australia. A22, 107 Mammary, balanced production and 104 for calving ease will cement his popularity. VOMEMPHIS (Drastic x Loyola) is one of the highest type PP bulls available at 110 Overall Type and 111 Mammary. This A22 sire will transmit a balance of health and production along with his fantastic type.

The April ABV release revealed some reliable daughter proven options. JSMONTANA (Montross x Uno) breeds stylish daughters with fantastic udders. This strong health trait transmitter is making his mark globally as well as in Australia. He is joined by newcomers GILES (Josuper x Oman) and DESTINATION (Predestine x Snowman). DESTINATION is from the same family as newcomers KARAT and KARDEW and like the youngsters, DESTINATION transmits solid type, especially udder and adds nice length to the teats. GILES is something of a freak for production traits. This A22 sire is a whopping 38 kgs of protein and 47 kgs of fat with positive deviations. Strong ratings for workability and health combine with a reliable calving ease rating of 105 to make GILES one of the most unique bulls on the market.

Our Jersey line-up has been reinforced with the addition of some interesting new genomic sires. BORUNG (Malachi x ASKN) is an A22 sire that leaves super udders and rates well for the new Mastitis Resistance ABV. BESTYET (OliverP x Raceway) is another A22 sire who transmits balanced production and above average Daughter Fertility. At 108 Overall Type and 110 Mammary, BESTYET is a complete package. DOUGGAN (David x Murmur) leads the way for BPI at 272 and MRFERTILITY (Levigenes x Valerian) is still the first-choice solution for Fertility at 110. These exciting young sires join stalwarts, ASKN, AUSSIEGOLD and Valentino to complete the most diverse Jersey offering in the market today.

“We have added four new young sires to our Aussie Red program”, states Mr Shelly. ARBMARNUS (VikFilur x Tokyo), ARBFRIZELL (VikNiki x Foske) and ARBNATHAN (VikrFiljar x Gibson) are A22 options backed by high ABV cows and deep cow families. ARBTEDEBEAR (Onstad x Scarebear) is an exciting young Polled option. These outstanding young sires represent the cream of the Aussie Red breed and they will come on line in the coming months. These young sires join a strong group of daughter proven sires lead by ARBCYGNETT and ARBOSCAR.

Genetics Australia is committed to providing solutions not just product. Whether it’s semen, merchandise, health monitoring or a combination of these products, there is a solution for you at Genetics Australia.