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Australian Genetic Exports on the rise

The National Herd Improvement Association [NHIA] annually release a report on semen sales in Australia. All key semen importers and Australian producers confidentially report on semen sales in Australia as well as in overseas markets. 

Key findings of the recently released report based on semen sales in 2019 show an increase in sales of sexed semen, now representing around 10% of all semen sold domestically.  No doubt increased access and improved conception rates and improvements have contributed to this increase.

Semen exports also lifted from the previous year and since 2015-2016 there has been an increase in sales of over 120%.

A key part of this increase can be attributed to a decision by the Cooperative to increase its investment in export markets around the same time. Exports are growing year on year and the past year was also a record for export sales by the Cooperative and in the current financial year is set to increase again.

Export Manager Rob Derksen said while exporting genetics remains challenging with a lot of additional health testing needed and Government departments to work through, both here and in overseas markets, the recognition of the quality of Australian genetics continues to grow.

No doubt the development and improvements to the ABV system and introduction of genomics have been key factors and helped paved the way for greater acceptance of the quality of genetics in Australia.

Today a bull can stand anywhere in the world and get an Australian breeding value and many thought the overseas bulls would leave the locally sourced bull behind.  The truth is the new genomic bulls can rank as well and, in many cases, outrank bulls from offshore and several of our 2020 new Holstein bulls are in excess of 350 BPI with some over 400 BPI.  These are clearly world class bulls and will be highly sought after here and in countries such as China and New Zealand.

Rob said GA shareholders need not be concerned about countries like China using the best Australian genetics.  Australia has a high-quality reputation in producing milk products such as powder and infant formula and our lower cost of production will ensure Australia will always be a key exporter of dairy products to China. China is very happy with the performance of Australian heifers exported to China and milk products and this has helped forge the growing demand for Australian genetics.  It is an exciting time to be selling Australian genetics.