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Australian Holstein Sires Shine in the August ABVs

“Farmers will notice the outstanding performance of Australian bred sires in the recent August ABV release”, stated Genetics Australia’s CEO, Anthony Shelly. “We are really pleased with the way our Australian bred young sires and emerging proven sires are complimenting our strong daughter proven sires, to give us a complete offering that is hard to match”.

Proven favourites MAEBULL and GILES continue to lead the Holstein contingent. MAEBULL with now more than 550 milking daughters still maintains a 300+ BPI ranking, offering breed leading Mastitis resistance and cell count, superior daughter fertility and positive semen conception rate. 2020 addition GILES continues to perform strongly with 332 BPI, additional daughters and reliability, with the same breed leading gestation length and calving ease. This JoSuper son sires averaged statured daughters that display excellent width and strength. He is the ideal bull for those farmers who experienced success with the highly regarded sire CHRISTMAS.

“We are very excited to see some previously high-ranking genomic sires, delivering on their promise” states Shelly. MASNAH, an A22 MVP son who started adding daughters late last year, is emerging as a real prospect with 336 BPI backed by amazing production including a protein rating of +36kgs with +0.68%. Solid type and workabilities have made him a first choice in many breeding programs. Another emerging proven sire is SILVERLINE. With 34 daughters now in milk, he has a BPI of 351 with +35kgs of protein. A rating of 110 for Mammary System and positive Semen Fertility will only see his popularity rise.

PILBARA has emerged as the leading senior genomic sire. This Perseus son now has a BPI of 394 with super ratings for protein and protein%. This A22 calving ease sire has outstanding ratings for Mastitis Resistance, Daughter Fertility and Mammary System. TIRANO and SONDALO are Jeronimo full brothers from a VG88 Main Event daughter. Ranking in the elite end of the BPI list, both bulls offer excellent production ratings, strong fertility, and short gestation length. The brothers transmit excellent udders with TIRANO having the added bonus of being polled!

LASTIN is a Fedora son and one of 2 young Australian sires over 400 BPI. Positive deviations, shorter gestation and excellent survival are features of this profitable sire. He is joined in the 400 plus club by KARAT, the leading Australian bred young sire in the August ABV release. At 414 BPI with balanced production, outstanding Fertility and Survival along with an exceptional rating of 110 for Mammary System, KARAT will be one of the most popular sires available this spring. His A22 brother KARDEW, has similar ratings for Survival and Mammary System with the bonus of higher yields of fat and protein.

“Our young Holstein sires have never been stronger” claims Mr Shelly, “and they are joined by a strong offering of Homozygous Polled (PP) sires from Vogue Cattle company in Canada”. Lead by Vogue CFP PP at 386 BPI, the highest PP sire available, this group of sires single handedly lifts the genetic calibre of PP bulls in the marketplace. New additions to this group, NPIPT PP and A2P2 PP have BPI ratings of 380 and 334 respectively and like CFP are also A22. CFP and NIPIT will also have sexed semen available.

VALENBLAST leads the way in the Jersey breed! At 299 BPI he is the number one BPI Jersey sire with his first 10 daughters now contributing to his proof. This A22 Valentino son has excellent ratings for Mammary System, Workability and Survival. VALENBLAST is joined at the top of the genomic BPI list by Bazyli a David son with 281 BPI and 103 for Daughter Fertility. Newcomers to Jersey genomic offering are the new A22 sires, BOOST (Publican x David) at 250 BPI and PICKETT (Matt x Valerian) at 245 BPI. Both sires transmit solid production with great deviations, while BOOST sires excellent Type and PICKETT has solid ratings for Cell Count and Mastitis Resistance.