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Autumn Beef Update

Angus Australia has recently released the progeny carcase data from Cohort 7 of the Angus Australia Sire Benchmarking program. Progeny of Genetics Australia sires Rennylea Kodak, GAR Sure Fire, GAR Prophet and AAR Tenx all performed well in the program.  Their progeny have had data recorded from the day they were born right through to extensive carcase data.  Thirty-four sires were represented in this cohort with the team of GAR sires ranking in the top 5 for 14 different traits including BW (Rennylea Kodak #3), Scan %IMF (GAR Prophet #3, Rennylea Kodak #5), Carcase %IMF (GAR Prophet #1) and MSA Index (AAR Tenx #1, GAR Prophet #5).  GAR Prophet now sits as one of the highest proven carcase sires in Australia for the Angus breed.

Genetics Australia’s 2020 Angus team continues to gain momentum, with the inclusion of Kenny’s Creek Pinnacle P481 (GAR Momentum x GAR Prophet) and EWA West Point (GAR Momentum x Plattemere Weigh Up).  Both bulls are sired by the breeds leading carcase sire GAR Momentum backed by powerful dams.  These exceptional sires offer Australian Angus breeders balanced EBVs, excellent feet & legs and breed leading carcase traits.  Pinnacle combines one of the breeds leading carcase sires in Momentum with GAR Prophet who would be one of the highest proven carcase sires currently available in Australia.

Direct from the Musgrave Angus program, high demand sire Musgrave 316 Exclusive is now available.  Exclusive was the high selling bull of Musgraves 2016 sale.  Exclusive was one of our highly sought-after sires in Spring 2019.  If you are searching for a sire to add muscle, capacity and shape to his progeny, look no further than Exclusive.

SS Niagara (B/R New Day 454 x Hoover Dam) continues to prove himself as a sire that will breed you stylish functional females.  Niagara is well known as a sire that will improve muscle, feet and legs and docility.  With his outcross pedigree, Niagara gives you the flexibility to use him over a number of current pedigrees without sacrificing growth, muscle, structure or docility.  SS Niagara is available in conventional, male or female sexed semen and is a must use sire in 2020.

Australian power sire Topbos Leading Edge L292 continues to impress and stamp his progeny with exceptional growth and muscle.  L292 ranks in the top 1% for all growth EBV’s and $Value Indexes.  Dunoon Angus, Holbrook NSW have an outstanding line up of Leading Edge sons selling in 2020.  It is evident in this group of sons that Leading Edge will deliver the goods when it comes to growth, muscle and docility.