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Genetics Australia Fields a Strong Team

The April 2018 ABV run has seen a consolidation of Genetics Australia’s elite daughter proven sires. Holstein sire MAEBULL leads the way at $309 BPI. This highly reliable sire has over 100 daughters in his production proof and boasts a daughter fertility ABV of 112. He is also one of the best high BPI sires for the new trait Heat Tolerance. “MAEBULL was a popular sire in 2017 and we can’t see this changing in 2018”, says Genetics Australia’s CEO, Anthony Shelly.

“He is a complete modern sire with a nice balance of production, longevity and health traits”, explains Shelly. Joining MAEBULL in the Holstein proven team are brothers GEEMCEE and WRANGLER. Both sires sit within the top 10 daughter proven sires with GEEMCEE being one of the better production sires available today. Both sires are fantastic transmitters of protein and fat percent with WRANGLER providing a nice balance of type, workability and health traits. WRANGLER’s first sons are appearing in this year’s Horizon genomic program.

CHRISTMAS and ROYALMAN continue to be reliable choices with 1148 and 702 daughters respectively in their production proofs. “CHRISTMAS is still the number one frame builder in the country and these bulls are hard to find”, explains Shelly. ROYALMAN is a modern bull in many ways with 110 for daughter fertility and an impressive 103 for calving ease making him one of the best going around for heifer programs.

In the Jersey breed, imported sire 7J1038–Valentino leads the way. Not only is he the highest BPI sire, but one of the breeds best type sires giving him the unique ability to straddle the high ABV and show ring worlds. An elite sire of sons around the world, 7J1038-Valentino is a once in a generation sire. Local stalwart, TAHBILK continues to impress. At $230 BPI and with outstanding fat and protein percentages, he continues to be one of the breeds most popular sires. The polled sire AUSSIEGOLD continues to sell volumes of semen because of his versatility with few bulls being able to sire width and depth of body like he does.

Aussie Red sire, ARBSCAREBEAR has a balanced proof with strong production performance coupled with good udders and positive daughter fertility. He leads a team of quality and versatile Aussie Red sires that include production specialist, ARBABBOT and udder specialist ARBDAIRYWEEK.

Leading the way in the genomic stakes is SILVERLINE at $352 BPI. At 32kgs of protein, he blitzes the field and this is coupled with an impressive 108 for udders. His impressive proof is completed by outstanding workabilities and a great survival rating. “We are really impressed by this sire from the Glomar stable” explains Shelly, “Few sires on the market today can boast this impressive combination of type and production”. Genetics Australia has an outstanding group of young Australian genomic sires that will be available this coming spring, including three sires above $330 BPI. “These sires will be on line for spring joinings and will be used in our IVF breeding program as soon as they produce semen”, states Mr Shelly. “We are also excited to have an extremely high genomic sire from Germany who will be available in the coming months.” Wil Hotspot P is the number two genomic sire in Germany and will hold the same position on the Australian list once released. He will be available in limited quantities in the coming months due to his global demand.

Genetics Australia’s Jersey genomic sires continue to dominate and two new additions from the White Star herd have bolstered an already strong team. DOBSON $297 BPI and DOUGGAN $289 BPI have the balance of traits today’s Jersey breeders are looking for. High protein and fat combined with good percentages and positive milk flow will make them popular. Added to this are solid type ratings, outstanding survival and excellent daughter fertility. “These are breed leading young sires., exclaims Shelly.

For further information: Anthony Shelly – Genetics Australia CEO 0408529410