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Genetics Australia on the move

I am sure you are well aware by now of the recent sale of ‘Parwan Park’. No bulls have been on the property since early April, at this time we commenced moving our office infrastructure to our Parwan Park South property on the Bacchus Marsh-Geelong Road. 

Now the Parwan Park property is sold we are finalizing this move and there has been some change to our communication systems.

From Tuesday 14th September our office and roadside address will be 4104 Geelong - Bacchus Marsh Road, Bacchus Marsh 3340. Our PO Box 195 address will remain unchanged. 

We have also taken the opportunity to invest in a new communication system called CX, a cloud-based single platform unified communications system that will integrate calls with video conferencing, live chat, business text, Facebook and messaging.

It will mean the free recall 1800 number will no longer apply but we will retain the current office number of 03 53 673888 although the current direct phone numbers to individual staff members will change. Each office-based staff member will have an extension so calls can be transferred or dialled directly from your PC. 

Mobile numbers will remain unchanged however each mobile will have the CX system App, meaning staff can answer calls made directly to their extension by mobile or on their PC.

On Monday 13th our server will be relocated and we expect to be offline for 24 hours. During the week the CX system will also be integrated and until this is up and running, we will direct all office calls to a mobile number. 

We ask you to be patient during this transition and we will endeavor to back online ASAP!