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International Sires August 2020 Sire Summary

Genetics Australia continues to offer Australian dairy farmers superior genetics from around the globe through their strong and enduring partnerships the world’s best semen suppliers. From daughter proven sires to gTPI leaders, fertility specialists to the world’s best polled sires, you will find them all in our line-up following the August 2020 proof release.

Feature Sires:

MONTANA (Montross x Uno)

A bull that needs no introduction to the Australian market, his daughters continue to impress.

  • Black, A22 and moderate size and stature. MONTANA has delivered correct rumps and is proven to add teat length.
  • Highly fertile daughters at +2.1 on DPR
  • Available in both sexed 2.1 & 4M as well as conventional to create the next generation of great Australian cows

SAMURI (Spring x Supersire)

Now with over 2,000 daughters milking daughters in the U.S post the August summary.

  • This A22 sire, now with a 2700 TPI, has also improved his breeding values for Type & Udder composites.
  • Possibly no better bull in the market that offers elite daughter proven TPI and amazing conception rate with an SCR of +2.7. 
  • Positive Health and Fitness traits and with an economic index of $561 Net Merit dollars.

HOUSE (Hang-Time x Jacey)

  • Early daughters now calving in the U.S,
  • HOUSE offers a diverse pedigree and a bull that has again improved his position and now can be found over  +2700 TPI points. 
  • His nice balance between Production and Type combines with +1.9 DPR with excellent wellness traits.
  • Breeding daughters of moderate size and stature, adequate dairy strength and outstanding udders is what we can expect with this outcross sire.

JSYOLO (Bandares x Meridian)

  • Solid ratings for the key indexes in August with +2686 TPI and $555 Net Merit. 
  • Over +2.00 on udder composite with impressive ratings for udder attachments and udder depth.
  • JSYOLO is also one of the best A22 sires on the market when it comes to settling cows with a strong 3.0 SCR score.

MOLINE (Positive x Medley)

  • Moline is the #1 $NM & #2 GTPI offering from our friends at Jetstream Genetics.
  • He combines +1330 pounds of milk with 167 combined pounds of solids with positive deviations.
  • Positive calving ease at 2.1%, moderate stature and capacity throughout with well attached, high wide udders.
  • MOLINE is A22 and is readily available for your spring joining program.

MAINSTAGE (Timberlake x Jedi)

  • MAINSTAGE offers high milk flow, high components, positive DPR and strong calving ease.
  • Offers a neat linear that will deliver moderate statured cows with high, wide well attached udders.
  • MAINSTAGE will also offer slope to rump and spring of rib to give you capacious modern cows. 

KONRAD (Hotjob x Jedi)

  • KONRAD is a moderate milk flow sire with +111 pounds of combined solids with positive deviations.
  • Positive DPR and a calving ease rating of 2%.
  • KONRAD is an outstanding Type option at 2.20 PTAT and 2.33 UDC. Outstanding production from amazing udders. 

SANJAY (Hotjob x Frazzled)

  • +1612 pounds of milk with +127 pounds of combined solids and high, wide & well attached udders.
  • This young black coated sire has a calving ease rating of 2%
  • SANJAY will produce moderate statured cows with width and capacity throughout.  

HOWDY (Legacy x Modesty)

  • New elite TPI and Net Merit sire @ 2842 gTPI and 757 Net Merit.
  • Moderate frames and stature with quality udders make Howdy the modern type.
  • This A22 sire with an Udder Composite of 1.60 will have widespread appeal.

A2P2 (Luster x Duke)

  • Canada’s number 1 PP genomic sire
  • A22 with over 2 points PTAT.
  • Superior type proof with not a single negative trait in his proof.

NIPIT (Hotspot x Splendid)

  • One of the highest demand PP sires in the world
  • Half brother to the popular Vogue CFP.
  • Like A2P2 - not a single negative trait in his proof.
  • A22 and PP with Sexed semen available.

In brief:

  • SOUND SYSTEM has maintained his proof and is number 1 in Italy, number 1 in Canada and number 23 TPI in the USA. First semen due this month.
  • SECRETARIAT has also strengthened his proof as he continues to impress with over 1,300 daughters now in milk!
  • Last call on BRADNICK for the 2020 spring breeding season. We encourage those looking to continue with this Legendary sire to order ASAP to avoid disappointment.
  • DEWARS – last stocks available. Now daughter proven.
  • SOGNO is an elite Italian PP Red young sire. Super udders, daughter fertility and calving ease.