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Joining Forces to Boost Reproduction

Genetics Australia and Vetoquinol Australia are pleased to announce they have formed a partnership aimed at delivering world class products and solutions to enhance artificial insemination programs.

Genetics Australia CEO Anthony Shelly said “We are proud to have industry leaders in reproduction and synchrony programs Vetoquinol as a partner. The partnership not only allows Genetics Australia to market Vetoquinol’s leading Cue-Mate® brand, but it provides Genetics Australia staff and customers access to the wealth of bovine reproductive knowledge and research conducted by Vetoquinol not only here in Australia, but around the world.

“Brands such as Cue-Mate® go hand in hand with Genetics Australia’s core business of supplying high quality conventional and sexed dairy and beef semen to farmers across the country”.

Shelly said, “Our business involves more than just the transaction of selling a semen straw. If we can provide the right tools and knowledge, we enable our customers to maximise the potential of that straw of semen.

“Through our ability to supply high quality semen and add brands such as Cue-Mate®, combined with industry leading assisted reproductive advice, we believe customers will benefit significantly not only with more females falling pregnant on day one of their breeding cycle but also with the overall improvement in herd profitability and productivity”.

The partnership will initially be based on improving assisted reproductive success rates with conventional semen and frozen sexed and fresh sexed semen in conjunction with Vetoquinol’s leading progesterone brand, Cue-Mate®.   

Genetics Australia customers will benefit from the various synchronisation protocols and advice tailored to individual customer requirements, developed by the Vetoquinol Repro 360 team.

It is envisaged the relationship between Genetics Australia and Vetoqiunol Australia will be the foundation for a long-term partnership that will strengthen the vision and level of collaboration across Australia’s Beef and Dairy industries.

*Cue-Mate® is a registered trademark of Vetoquinol.

Repro360 website to find out more: or contact Dr Sophia Edwards, Vetoquinol FPA Business Unit Manager: