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Marvellous Montana's

IHG Montana (JSMONTANA) has been one of the more popular genomic young sires from the US in the past few years. Now with his first crop of daughters milking, it’s evident why.

JSMONTANA is a Montross son from the Sully Planet Manitoba family. His dam is an 87-point Uno daughter so it’s not surprising that JSMONTANA excels for health and fitness traits. A member of the Jetstream lineup, JSMONTANA transmits a balanced production profile with a great milk rating complimented by positive fat and protein deviations.

Jetstream Genetics Manager, Roger Turner, cannot speaking more highly of the JSMONTANA daughters he’s seen: “The Montana daughters have excellent width and depth throughout. They consistently produce above their contemporary herd mates while exemplifying their youthfulness.” Roger continues, “They have strong udder attachments which combined with their wide frames makes them very balanced and uniform in their conformation. Rumps are correct and consistent while Feet and legs show some variability when it comes to set and bone quality, but the strong heal depth and ideal mobility create very good feet legs overall”.

Leading Edge Genetics Owner Brad Aiken has been a strong supporter of JSMONTANA from the outset: “IHG Montana sires the modern type of dairy cow. Plenty of strength, average in stature, super udders with great health traits”.

JSMONTANA is part of the Genetics Australia Premium bull offer, where you can purchase him for $20 a unit. You can blend JSMONTANA into your breeding program with Australian stars like MAEBULL and SUPERDAVE and take your herd to the next level.

“We used Montana as a highly ranked young genomic bull because of his medium frame, high type and udders to go with a high DPR.  We have a high production herd that walks up to 2.5km.  Their medium frame, great udders and uniformity stand out.” – Brett Membrey, Naringal