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New bulls and new opportunities

August ABVs have delivered great results for Genetics Australia bulls with a bull for every breeding goal and every breed, according to CEO Anthony Shelly.

Mr Shelly said the bulls standing in Australia have never been better. “We will continue to invest in the best genetics available to us and there isn’t a source of genetics around the world that cannot be ranked on the Australian system,” he said.

“Breeding the best to the best has paid dividends and the rapid gains made through the use of genomics can clearly be seen in each of the Holstein, Jersey and Australian Reds breed tables released by DataGene.”

The number one ranked BPI Holstein Genomic sire in August is Hindlee Tommy Dee 2010-ET. At 558 BPIg, he is some 30 BPI points clear of his nearest rival and is a standout sire at the top of the Holstein genomic list. TOMMYDEE is bred in the competitive herd owned John & Vicki Lillico in northwest Tasmania.  Sired by GA genomic sire ENDGAME [447 BPIg] he descends from the “Hindlee Royal” cow family and is an exciting young sire and will soon be available. His overall ABV offers exactly what the industry is seeking with top ABVs for HWIg [579], 223 ASI, 104 Mammary, 114 for Daughter Fertility and 111 Mastitis Resistance with 104 Calving Ease and he is A22.

Other Holstein young genomic bulls joining the elite of 500+ BPIg are TALKING [Keeper P x Kingtut] 521 BPIg, KARAT [Complete x Slam Dunk] 517 BPIg, SONDALO 506 BPIg [Jeronimo x Main Event] and at 508 BPIg is new Holstein CINDERMAN [Fedora x Supershot] at 508 BPIg.

“The depth and quality of the Holstein team has never been greater and there is a wide range of options available for mammary improvement, shorter gestation, and calving ease,” Mr Shelly said.

Australian Jerseys continue to forge an excellent reputation worldwide and recent exports to North America and Europe of ASKN will ensure demand continues to grow well into the future.

Adding over 90 milking daughters to his August ABV, DOUGGAN [David x Murmur] becomes the number one Jersey bull for BPI at 431, HWI 346, ASI 283 and the number one bull for reliability over 80 per cent reliability.

The good news for Jerseys continues with INVINCIBLE [Hatman x Valentino]. Adding over 50 daughters in August to see him lift by 68 BPI points to 394 BPI and 79 in HWI to an impressive 257 and when added to his 111 for Overall Type and 112 for Mammary it makes him a standout total performance sire.

“The new Jersey team is unsurpassed in its quality and represents a number of young bulls from leading cow families and top Jersey breeders in Australia,” Mr Shelly said. 

Genomics were added to the Australian Red breed bulls for the first time in August and the team overall was further strengthened.  Coming into the number two and four positions on BPIg were ARBPRIMESTAD P [Onstad x Uudin] and ARBCAESAR [Aotearoa x Kenneth], both bulls bred the Waikato Aussie Red stud.

Also joining these bulls in the top 10 genomic Red sires and new for 2021 are ARBBOOBOO [Wiking x Tokyo] at 322 BPIg and ARBBLITZON [Tokoyo x Arbbonjovi].

Mr Shelly said the August 2021 bull team was stronger than ever. “Now with genomics contributing to each breed, the future of local standing bulls has never been brighter,” he said.

“Demand on young bulls both in Australia and internationally as well as the use of sexed semen has bever been greater, so I encourage all farmers mating cows between now and the end of the year to order early to avoid disappointment.”


For more information:

Anthony Shelly 0408 529 410