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Notice of Annual Genetics Meeting

Date:    Monday 18th November 2019
Time:    11:30am
Venue:    Visitor’s Room, Parwan Park
    144 Woolpack Road, Bacchus Marsh.
The 2019 Annual General Meeting will be held at 11:30 am on 18th November 2019 at Parwan Park, 144 Woolpack Road, Bacchus Marsh.
Business to be conducted:
1.  Confirmation of Minutes
  To receive and if considered accurate, to adopt the Minutes of the 2018 Annual General meeting.
  Resolution 1:  To consider and receive: Minutes of the 2018 AGM
2.   2019 Financial Statements and Reports – Chairman and CEO’s report
  Resolution 2 - To consider and receive: a), b), c), and Resolution 3 – Appoint Auditor for 2020
  Resolution 2:
  a)  The Financial Statements
  b)  The Director’s Report; and
  c)  The Auditor’s Report
  Resolution 3:
  Appointment of Auditor for 2020
3.  Election of Directors & Directors Remuneration
  Election of Directors to two vacant positions (there being only two nominations by the due date):
  Resolution 4: To elect Director – Anthony Doyle
  Resolution 5: To elect Director – John Pekin
  Resolution 6: To determine Directors remuneration for 2020
  To consider and, if determined to be appropriate, adopt the following resolution:
  “Directors fees plus superannuation in accordance with company policy and in line with the  recommendation on the day for the year commencing January 2020, to be distributed amongst  
  directors as they see fit.”
4.  Other business
  To transact any other business, which may be legally brought before the meeting.
If attending, please RSVP to Karen Davies on 03 5367 9267 or via email by close 
of business on Wednesday 13th November 2019 for catering purposes.
 To download, click here