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Reliability is King At Genetics Australia

Genomic technology is becoming more and more reliable following each ABV release and has made significant increases in reliability as the technology has evolved during the past five years. Today the most reliable bull’s available are those that combine genomic data with actual Australian daughter performance. The 2017 April ABV just released has highlighted several new high BPI sires backed by daughters with actual Australian performance.

In the Holstein breed, the best newcomer is MAEBULL (Palermo x Shottle). Bred by Craig Lister of Calister Holsteins, Calivil, Victoria, MAEBULL is 90% reliable for production traits with 69 milking daughters combined with his genomic data. He offers increases to protein and fat yield combined with moderate milk flow to provide a balanced production ABV with positive deviations. With a BPI of 298, his average sized daughters have shallow snuggly attached udders and genomics has given us the additional tool to focus on health traits and this is where MAEBULL excels. High ratings for Survival (109), Cell Count (177) and Daughter Fertility (109) make him one of the best bulls available for these important profitable traits.

MAEBULL ranks just behind the number one daughter proven sire GEEMCEE who has consolidated his position at the top of the list with an impressive BPI of 304. This fertility, component and calving ease specialist was a popular choice in 2016 and we expect demand to continue to be strong in 2017.

ROYALMAN (266 BPI) is a new daughter proven sire that has delivered on his genomic promise. This Goldwyn son bred by John and Vicki Lillico of Smithton, Tasmania has 183 daughters in his production proof and boasts an impressive 96% reliability for production as well as good yields and components. Like MAEBULL, ROYALMAN is a strong health bull who shines for daughter fertility with an impressive ABV of 112.

GEEMCEE, MAEBULL and ROYALMAN combine with WRANGLER (260 BPI), GOLDCREST (275 BPI), CHRISTMAS (256 BPI) and TRICKIN (296 BPI) and others to deliver the strongest group of daughter proven sires now available.

While the genetic progress has been accelerated by the addition of genomic data it is reliable bulls such as MEDALLION that also still appeals to many farmers. Selected in the very early phase of genomic technology he has continued to be the most reliable choice for mammary improvement maintaining a top 1% udder improvement at 114 and is now 99% reliable for production and type traits.

On the genomic front, ROWLING leads the Genetics Australia team at 327 BPI and was bred by Russell and Rebecca McMillan of Nanneella, Victoria. ROWLING ranks in the top 1% for BPI, HWI, TWI and ASI and offers outcross genetics. He is also the equal best sire for udders in the top10 genomic sires.

At 317 BPI, SILVERLINE (Silver x Fever) also ranks in the top 1% of the breed for all indices and provides an alternative pedigree. Bred by Glomar Holsteins he is a strong production transmitter. 

Genetics Australia General Manager, Anthony Shelly says the Genetics Australia Holstein line-up is as strong as ever.

 “It’s pleasing to see the quality of our daughter proven sires like MAEBULL that provide farmers with some very reliable options, but we are equally pleased to have bulls of the calibre of ROWLING in our genomic team who will undoubtedly become a top daughter proven star in the future”.

The best new sire in the Jersey breed is Beulah TAHBILK bred by Daryl and Lani Hoey of Katunga, Victoria. At 299 BPI based on 72 milking daughters, TAHBILK provides the most reliable high BPI option available to Australian Jersey breeders. TAHBILK daughters are hard to fault, very consistent displaying fantastic frames combined with wide sloping rumps and correct legs. Udders are strong at 111 and attachments and teat placement are exceptional. Workability ratings are off the scale and survival is a real feature.  TAHBILK is proving very popular in Australia and his semen will be heavily exported in 2017. An A22 sire completes the total package.

Two Broadlin bulls lead the Jersey genomic listing. ALGERNON, a Navarian son at 278 BPI and LEVIGENES, a Vanahlem son at 276 BPI are both from the well-known Vanessa family owned by the Broad family of Lockington, Victoria. Both bulls have strong ratings for production and transmit outstanding protein deviations. With strong ratings for type and survival, these two young sires will breed the type of Jersey cows the modern Jersey breeder demands.

Mr Shelly said It’s exciting to have such a quality new Jersey graduate in TAHBILK.

“TAHBILK is the type of bull that people will be talking about in 20 years’ time and his sons will feature heavily in our genomic program. He will continue to build on the international appeal of Australian Jerseys and he will soon have daughters milking in South Africa and New Zealand where his demand will continue to grow.”

In the Australian Reds, the VFOSKE son ARBSCAREBEAR and the Tossiko son ARBSPRING are the two best new bulls in the breed. At 274 BPI, ARBSCAREBEAR sits just behind his highly-rated sire and transmits many of the same characteristics., with solid ratings for fertility and cell count as well as superior production. ARBSPRING is shaping up to be the breeds next type specialist at 107 for Overall Type and 109 for Mammary. Combine this with 261 BPI, solid ratings for Cell Count and breed leading protein yield we have a sire that will be used in many red breeding programs or for cross breeding.

The Genetics Australia team of proven and genomic sires has never been stronger, claims Mr Shelly.

“We are pleased to be able to cater for the breeding needs our shareholders and farmers in general with this diverse and reliable offering”

“More information on the April 2017 ABV release is available on the Genetics Australia website or by calling freecall 1800 039047”

Based in Bacchus Marsh Victoria, Genetics Australia is Australia’s leading supplier of bovine genetics and herd improvement products and services.  Formed in 1958 as Victorian Artificial Breeders [VAB] Genetics Australia is owned by Australian farmers and has been at the forefront of developing leading genetics proven for Australian farming systems.

Photo Captions:
MAEBULL daughter bred by Callister Holsteins of Calivil Vic
TAHBILK daughter bred by Raleigh Jerseys, Foster Vic
ARBSCAREBARE daughter bred by Kenna Pty Ltd, The Sisters, Vic

For further information:
Anthony Shelly - 0408 529410