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What’s on the Horizon?

Each year at this time we start to get information on our Horizon genomic sires as their daughters hit the milking shed. It’s an exciting time for all involved as the potential new daughter proven sires emerge from the group and the reports from the field start to roll in.

This year we have a range of sires that we will be following closely, and we will be nominating to the breed societies to enable their daughters to be classified and contribute to the Type Breeding Values. Our target list for 2019/ 2020 is:

DESTINATION                             Kaarmona Destined                                    Predestine x Snowman            
DJANGO                                       Warramont Dempsey Dawson               Dempsey x Roumare
ENFORCER                                   Red Field Doorman Froukje                     Doorman x Goldcrown
GILES                                             Wilara Josuper Jo                                         Josuper x Oman
GOLDWARRIOR                         Bundalong Liquidgold Warrior                Liquidgold x Oman
JAILBIRD                                       Rengaw SS Jailbird                                       Supersire x Cardinal
JELLY                                              Rengaw Capgain Jelly                                 Capital Gain x Planet
KINGTUT                                      Rengaw Redmaw KB 9975                         Kingboy x Planet
RAZ                                                 Carenda Raz                                                   Josuper x Roumare
ROWLING                                    Bronte Park Cashcoin Rowdy                  Cashcoin x Jetfinn
SILVERLINE                                  Glomar Silver 1717                                      Silver x Fever
SINGULAR                                   Eclipse Akina Uno F173                              Uno x Shamrock
WOODDUCK                               Country Road Bookem Quacker             Bookem x Roumare

ALGERNON                                 Broadlin Hilux                                                Navarian x Raceway
BAYMAX                                       Beulah Brax 4289                                          Brax x Valerian
VALIN                                            Kings View Valin 4697                                 Valentino x Navara
VICKS                                             Stonyrun Aus Tbone Vicks 2                     Tbone x Vanahlem

Aussie Red
ARBDUTY                                     Beaulands Call of Duty                               Cigar x Vest Delta                        
ARBLINDT                                    Beaulands Lindt                                            Foske x Fastrup
ARBOSCAR                                  Orana Oscar                                                   Foske x Tossiko

If you have milking daughters of these bulls, you may be contacted by a Genetics Australia representative to arrange for the breed society classifier to come and inspect them.