Cue Mate® Applicator

New and improved applicator for Cue-Mate® devices.
The Cue-Mate® Applicator has been re-designed with the user in mind with a new open slot for the Cue-Mate® tail, no threading required.
Using the Applicator is easier, and quicker, than ever without losing the original ergonomic design for insertion.
The new Applicator comes without wasteful plastic wrapping and is available in singles.
The Cue-Mate® Applicator is used to insert the Cue-Mate® into the vagina. The device is loaded into the Applicator and released by pushing the plunger.
The Applicator is an easy-to-load design, shaped to fit the animal’s body.
Instructions to use:
Use a bucket of water to rinse the applicators. Then wash the applicators between each female in a bucket of prepared disinfectant, such as chlorhexidine.
Once the cow or heifer is restrained, use the handle of the Cue- Mate® Applicator to clean the vulva. You can also use paper towel to remove extra manure.
Hold the Cue-Mate® Applicator so the handle is vertical. Part the vulva to provide a clean pathway and insert the Cue-Mate applicator upwards, starting at a 45 degree angle and ending horizontally.
Push until you feel resistance, then turn the handle until it is horizontal. Push the plunger and remove the Applicator.

Cue Mate® Applicator

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