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Cue Mate® blank pod

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Intravaginal progesterone device - Tray 40 Pods Cue-Mate® is an intravaginal progesterone delivery device that is used to control the oestrus cycle for synchronisation of oestrus in normally cycling cows, or to induce cycling in anoestrous cows. Cue-Mate® Blank Pods are used in the same way as Cue-Mate® Pod reloads but contain no hormones. The Cue-Mate® Blank pods are used to replace one active progesterone pod on the Cue-Mate® RTU device. When the progesterone pod is replaced with a Blank pod, the Cue-Mate® delivers a half-dose of progesterone (0.78 g) suitable for synchronisation of Bos indicus heifers. Each Cue-Mate® Blank Pod tray contains 40 silicon pods that contain no progesterone and 20 replacement tails. For video instructions on how to prepare a 1-pod Cue-Mate® head to repro360.com.au ACTIVE CONSTITUENT None WITHOLDING PERIOD Meat: nil Milk: nil PRESENTATION Blank pods are sold in trays of 40 pods.

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