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Estrotect Breeding Indicator

As good as a bull™

The newly redesigned ESTROTECT™ Breeding Indicator features patented Breeding Bullseye technology that indicates when cows are ready to breed, helps confirm pregnancies and provides pinpoint timing for AI protocols! ESTROTECT™ Breeding Indicators featuring Breeding Bullseye™ Technology are a precision-designed, economic and easy-to-use breeding tool backed by researchers and breeding experts. 

The precision-designed Breeding Bullseye™ takes all the guesswork out of your breeding program. When the Breeding Bullseye – or the equivalent amount – is rubbed off, it’s time to breed!

ESTROTECT Breeding Indicators are the only product of their kind proven by leading researchers. It was developed and tested on thousands of cows in the USA & South America. According to a 2018 third-party, timed-AI Beef cattle trial, when the new ESTROTECT Breeding Bullseye is rubbed off by mounting activity, cows are up to THREE TIMES more likely to result in confirmed pregnancies than if estrus is not detected prior to insemination.

You can purchase the Estrotect Breeding Indicator from your local Semen Supplier or visit our section on the online store.

Why Estrotect?

Estrotect Breeding Indicator only need to be applied once per Cycle.  Alternative tail paints and paint sticks must be applied or touched up daily.

Detect Advancing Heat.  Other detectors are activated by one mount, sometimes as little as 3 seconds. Estrotect Heat Detectors minimize “false positives” due to a product design that rubs off over time.

How to apply Estrotect Breeding Indicator

1. Keep Heat Detectors Warm

Estrotect Heat Detectors should be warmed to 38ºC immediately prior to application to activate adhesive. They should be soft and flexible at application for optimal adhesion.

Small quantities (less than 5 heat detectors) may be warmed inside clothing. For large quantities, put the detectors in a small esky with a hot water bottle or other heat source, as this is more effective and consistent.

2. Choose site of application

Ideal location for placement on the cow is halfway between the hip and tail head, evenly spaced perpendicular to the spine. Note:  Protect detectors from tail flicking by placing them near the top of the tail when fly counts are high.

3. Brush hair thoroughly

Vigorously brush with the grain of the coat across the backbone on the back half of the cow to remove dirt, dust and shedding hair.

Do NOT brush hair with a steel bristle comb. Do not use stiff curry combs for brushing or cleaning.

4. Clean the hair

Clean the surface area with a cloth to remove any remaining dirt, dust, sand or sawdust. A painter tack cloth is suitable for the task.

5. Apply the Breeding Indicator

Place heat detector on the application site halfway between the hip and tail head. Press down firmly and rub into hair with bare fingers. Do not apply in rainy weather conditions.

6. Check for results

As mounting activity occurs, the ESTROTECT Breeding Indicator’s silver and black surface ink – featuring the NEW Breeding Bullseye – is rubbed off by the friction of the mounting and will reveal the indicator colour. (Red/orange, green, blue, yellow or fushia)

With each mount the silver and black surface ink will gradually rub off to reveal the patch colour and indicating a true standing heat. Once the black Breeding Bullseye is rubbed off, or the equivalent surface area, this indicates the animal is in standing heat and the breeding protocol should be initiated.


DO NOT use Estrotect Breeding Indicator with alcohol or oil-based pour-ons or sprays as they will damage the product. Doing so will void the warranty.

Estrotect® is a registered trademark of Genesis Industries in Australia