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What is Tru Test Datamars?

Our Heat & Health Monitoring solution supports dairy farmers looking to maximise their breeding programme and minimise treatment costs. Tru-Test Active Tag delivers world-class precision in heat detection to optimise mating and insemination, and health monitoring to provide early warning on looming health issues.
Accurate, reliable measurements and timely, easy-to-understand intelligence are delivered to your fingertips with the Datamars Livestock Live app. Receive timely and reliable data alerts in the dairy, or via any mobile device, giving you accurate heat and health detection for peace of mind.

Better animal health 365 days a year

Identifying and monitoring health conditions and disease at an early stage is important, as evidence shows that health and reproductive performance are closely linked. The effects of health problems can persist through the entire lactation and have a profound effect on the animal’s overall fertility and production.
Tru-Test Heat and Health Monitoring solution monitors both the reproductive and general health of the animal, sending an alert directly to the farmer’s phone when there is a negative variance from the cow’s normal activity.

How it works:

  1. Multi-metric analysis on each individual cow’s behaviour to monitor estrus and health activity.
  2. Individual cow behaviour is recorded 24/7 and linked to each animal’s EID tag.
  3. Data is automatically uploaded to Datamars Livestock Live any time an animal is within 500 metres of the dairy via a data gateway mounted at the dairy shed.
  4. Insights are accessible via the web or mobile app and displayed on an easy-to-understand dashboard.
  5. Access data from almost anywhere. Datamars Livestock Live is a cloud-based online program so your on-heat data is accessible from any device with an internet connection.
  6. All behaviour data, heat and health insights are integrated through Datamars Livestock Live and can be easily shared with third parties including veterinarians and AI technicians.

What we monitor:

  • Rumination
  • Feeding
  • Resting
  • Standing
  • Lying
  • and other activities


  • Save time normally spent doing visual heat detection
  • Increase submission rate and utilise optimal time of AI to improve breeding


  • Increase days in milk by eliminating extended dry periods
  • Identify anoestrus and cystic cows early, improving the ability to intervene
  • and make a difference
  • See the reproductive status of a herd quickly and easily to understand what
  • stage you’re at in the breeding season
  • Identify potential abortions early

Like all Tru-Test solutions, Active Tag is grounded on accurate, reliable measurements to streamline activity and deliver timely, easy-to-understand intelligence straight to the fingertips of producers.

  • All animal behaviour data is captured and processed with advanced computational and machine learning methods to provide accurate heat and health insights. 
  • See how animals are performing against on-heat detection, in-calf, top and bottom performers via simple graphs and charts.    
  • Automatically receive heat information as cows come into a 500 metre range of the data gateway (mounted at the dairy shed/site).
  • Instantly share your animal data with staff, vets or consultants without attaching files to emails.
  • Access data from almost anywhere with Datamars Livestock Live, a cloud-based program so your animal data is accessible from any device with an internet connection.
  • Compatible with Auto-drafters. 
  • Intergrated with the systems you already use on farm, including sort gates and farm management software.


Farms of the Future – NSW Government Grants avalaible for Tru-Test Products

The NSW Government has committed $48 million for an expanded Farms of the Future program.

About the program

The Farms of the Future program will support primary producers within five target regions, comprised of the following 11 local government areas (LGAs):

  1. Riverina Murray: Carrathool, Griffith and Leeton
  2. New England: Armidale
  3. North-West: Moree Plains and Narrabri
  4. Central West: Orange and Cabonne 
  5. North Coast: Ballina, Byron and Lismore

The program targets primary producers from NSW’s four highest grossing agricultural sectors: Grains, Cotton, Red meat, and Tree crops.

For futher infomation on acess to the grant please visit the NSW Government website via the link below.…

Trust Tru-Test

Tru-Test, part of the Datamars Livestock stable, has a longstanding reputation of delivering accurate performance data with over 60 years of bringing dairy and livestock innovations to market. We have a world-class reputation for developing rugged reliable hardware and world-class smart technology for better farm decision-making and on-farm profitability. Like all Tru-Test solutions, Tru-Test Active Tag is backed by extensive global trials across pasture and barn operations, utilising machine learning algorithms.

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