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  • 2021 August Dairy Sire Catalogue

    This catalogue has a combination of sires from both our domestic and international teams including Holsteins, Jerseys, & Coloured Breeds. PDF size 11mb.

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  • 2021 Holstein US Catalogue

    2021 US August Sire Catalogue. PDF size 4mb.

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  • 2021 Beef Sire Catalogue

    Featured breeds Angus, Hereford, Charolais, Murray Grey, Red Angus, South Devon, Speckle Park Simmental & Wagyu. PDF 20mb

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  • 2021 Autumn Angus Update

    2021 Autumn Angus Update now live.

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  • 2020 Genetics Australia Global Catalogue

    Genetics Australia has a growing export demand for semen from a wide range of Australian bulls. Worldwide there is a growing interest in medium size, efficient, fertile dairy cows that can perform equally on low input or higher input systems. Semen from the Holstein, Jersey and Australian Red breeds is available from this Sire Directory to most countries. The “Parwan Park” semen collection facility is located in Southern Australia in the heart of Australia’s largest dairy region and is EU accredited, OIE compliant and produces semen of the upmost quality. In the past year shipments have been sent to Latin America, the USA, Europe, New Zealand, South Africa, the UAE and to several Asian countries including China.

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